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Turning on ads is easy, ranking in Google is not.
That is why you need someone who laser focusses on SEO.
My team and I live and breathe SEO and is not distracted by other things.
We create, test, and perfect new SEO strategies continuously.

Come, watch some of my videos here.
You’ll get a clear impression of me and may connect with my candor.
To my clients, I’m a trusted advisor with integrity who’s on their side.
That is meant to be my role for you as well.

Be a Hero Brand
A big part of success is for your website to be engaging. Be a hero, a company that stands for something and connects to its visitors. I help you to make that happen.
Long Term Authority
With my modern authority-building processes, I make your website look ever more important to Google. This lifts you into a top position, which I then defend long-term.
Authority Building
With technical improvements, better visitor engagement, and by networking your site strategically with other quality websites, Google will begin to see you as an authority.
Advisor With Integrity
My purpose is to be the last person you need to contact for SEO. As one of the inventors of SEO back in 2000, I have the experience to finally get you that top position you want.

A Different League of SEO

Being able to rank any website in Google is a valuable skillset. After all, my clients make millions off their rankings! While there are many tutorials and courses online that teach SEO, nearly all of it is misinformation, wrong, or outdated. SEO is a secret craft.

There are only two ways to learn how to actually rank websites. One is to do a LOT of testing with hundreds of web properties to reverse-engineer Google’s algorithm as much as possible. The other way is to become part of a cabal of highly successful SEOs that share their skills with each other and do testing together.

I do both. Ever since the early days of SEO, I have invented and extensively tested strategies to rank websites in a healthy and effective manner. Also, I am part of an elite SEO mastermind that teaches its members internally.

For you, this means the methods I use on your website are cutting-edge and proven.

  • Social Media Integration
  • Youtube Video Rankings
  • Webspam Security
  • Reputation Management
  • Multiple Traffic Sources
  • Driven by Powerful Values



SEO Marketing Agency Colorado Springs

Google Maps Hero

Most people check Google Maps when searching for local services. When I work on your web properites, I also optimize your Google Mybusiness listing(s) to push them into that important Maps area at the top of Google. Depending on industry and city, this can bring dozens to hundreds of new phone calls to your business each month.

Safe & Healthy SEO

Never have I caused a website to be penalized by Google. In fact, I have recovered several websites from penalies they had received before. Being at the cutting-edge of modern SEO means that what I do is clean and healthy for your website. I’ve never believed in cutting corners or doing shady practices.

Brand Consulting

Even as a roofer or dentist, your name is your brand – one that needs to be memorable. If you are memorable and can make a connection, you are halfway to a new customer. I will advise you on how to make that connection more effectively. Most local business websites are bland, so you and I have a lot of opportunities to make you stand out greatly.

SEO in Colorado Springs

Ranking in a city and its suburbs, in multiple big cities, across the nation, or internationally are all projects I have tackled over the years. The only thing that changes with project size is the monthly budget and patience required. It does not matter where you are or where I am. The only things that matter are my expertise, budget, and time.

Paid Search Advertising

The reason I love SEO is because organic traffic is free. What you want is a consultant who laser focuses on SEO so they are immersed in it and not distracted by thinking about ads and other things. That is why I prefer to only do SEO and deliver that at the highest level of expertise. Running ads is relatively simple. And once you rank, you won’t need ads.

Legendary ROI

SEO has the best ROI of any type of marketing. That’s why I do it. Organic traffic from Google is free while ads are $20-100 for each click for most local professions. Many of my clients get a 5-figure sum of free traffic to their website just because they are ranking. The cost for what I do is much less, creating an ROI that is 10-60.

Colorado Springs SEO Expert

Agencies vs. Consultants

It’s counter-intuitive but the ideal SEO provider is not an agency. It’s a consultant. Businesses that work with an agency usually get burned.

Those who really know SEO don’t need a job! They have their own websites that make them financially independent. Once an SEO expert gets good enough, they become unavailable to the workforce.

This is why the best SEOs are singular people, not agencies. It’s the kind of person that sits in his home office and crushes it online without anyone ever seeing them. That is the kind of wiz that you want to work with. And that is exactly what I am.

A big agency looks competent but their SEO managers need their jobs

Stop Losing Customers to Your Competition

The way to the top begins here

Colorado Springs SEO Consultant

Why Quality SEO is Hard to Find

Many business owners I talk to have spun their wheels for years. They’ve paid online marketers and SEO agencies a good amount but never got any results. Even the Yellow Pages still charge large sums for an ad in your local phone book that does nothing except make you a target for cold calls. There are countless ways to throw away your marketing budget on the Internet.

SEO is a difficult to master skillset. Google releases misinformation about what works, bloggers copy each other’s articles on the topic, and there is a lot of conjecture and theory. Very few people actually approach it in a scientific manner and test SEO methods to see what works and what doesn’t. To make this clear, one of my associates spends 100k per year to test SEO strategies. This is what it takes to be a grand master, and barely anyone does it or even knows how to approach doing it. The vast majority of SEO service providers just read tutorials or a book and think they know the secrets. Nope.

I’m at a point where I estimate that nearly all SEO services out there won’t produce results. After all, only 3 websites can reach the podium on Google for each keyword (search phrase), so if 20 businesses do search engine optimization, most will not get to the top. In fact, most never even get near the first page at all. The first page of Google rests on top of a graveyard of badly optimized and penalized websites.

Why SEO Can Multiply Businesses

It’s immediately obvious that ranking in Google is the greatest thing that can happen to any business.

90% of everyone uses Google. Every other website, like Yelp or Home Advisor, get peanuts in comparison. The traffic is on Google.

Of the people that use google, 15% of them (give or take) click on the ads, while the rest clicks on the organic search results below those ads. So you can’t even pay to get the traffic!

People don’t want to click on ads. If you rank #1 and in the Google Maps section at the top (for local searches), 40% of all users will interact with you. They either check out your testimonials on the map, call you through the map immediately without even going to your site, or they go to your site.

We’re talking about an enormous floodgate of traffic.

Do a search for your city and an industry you know, like your own. Check out which businesses are ranking at the top. Ask yourself, are these businesses big and successful in your area? Are they perhaps the kingpins? Now you know why.

A Local Example

The keyword “colorado springs plumber” gets searched 350 times per month. If you ran an ad on Google for this phrase, it costs around $35 per click. If you rank #1 for this and in the maps, you get 140 of those people to interact with you for free in some way. The value of this would be 140 * $35 = $4900 in ad spend, except you can’t get so many people to click on ads.

There are many more keywords for that industry in Colorado Springs, adding up to over 1000 people per month in search volume. Ranking for all of them means a five figure sum of free exposure and likely a few hundred customers each month.

No other marketing avenue can produce such numbers and is, at the same time so inexpensive. It only needs to be done right. That is why I love SEO.

Become a Hero Brand in Colorado Springs


The main job of your website is to make a connection to the people visiting it. This is where most local businesses drop the ball.

I have analyzed thousands of websites in cities all over the US alone and found that most are bland and not memorable in any way. They feature marketing speech instead of information that is playful and comes from the heart. There is usually no video material on it, no photo of the owner & staff, and they don’t even have an “about us” page.

Yet the “about” page is one of the most viewed pages on my own websites. It is something you must use!

If a business does feature a video, it generally looks like a professional production. While that is better than no video, it also looks fake and doesn’t make a connection. People want to buy from friends, not from a “group of suits”.

In many cases, the about page features corporate-style text instead of a personal text from the owner, something with passion. This makes the whole company feel like you’re staring at a gray wall. And no one ever puts a video on the about page. I have one on mine, and I invite you to go check it out to see how it affects the way you feel and think about me.

Video is the most engaging form of content. Barely anyone reads text but people do watch videos. It gives them an impression of you, your look, voice, an demeanor. Just like my own videos can give you a clear sense of what I’m like. You may watch a bunch of them and come to feel that I’m a great person to work with.

Ideally, you need to become a Hero Brand. That is a business that really stands for something, treats its customers and staff with excellence, and may even do good in its community by funding good causes. It is a company that values quality higher than profit.

Such a company is in the best position to get fans that want to come back and send you referrals, even if we’re talking about a roofer or dentist. It doesn’t matter what your industry is, your name is your brand and you can become popular and well respected. That is the root to a new level of success.

Once I rank you at the top of Google, everyone in the area can see you. Being up there means that Google is essentially recommending you, which grants your business a halo in the eyes of your prospects and makes them see you as the #1 authority.  If you combine this with the nature of a hero brand and a website that truly connects to people, the sky is the limit.