Doing SEO Yourself?

A Question of Feasibility

A well thought-out SEO strategy is an essential component of any business and its success. Having a top spot in the Google search results always leads to more traffic and sales, enabling your business to grow safely. However, business owners often make the mistake of taking online marketing and search engine optimization into their own hands without having the training or experience that enable success.


SEO is very technical and tied to tremendous value and ROI. You cannot learn it from a book, website, or on YouTube, because the strategies that are safe and really work won’t be shared by anyone that knows what they are doing. All you can find online are basic methods and wrong or outdated information that end up hurting your website instead of helping it.


Don’t underestimate it


The extent of SEO work is often underestimated. Just adding some keywords to a page, optimizing the meta tags and writing some nice articles is not enough. Experts with high budgets are competing against you, so you will never get to the first page of Google this way. The strategies we use have been 20 years in the making and depend upon connections, proprietary tools, and an expensive backend that no one can simply replicate. We take measures that enable long-term success despite regularly changing search algorithms, and we constantly research said algorithms and develop ever more modern SEO strategies.


The 5-Way-Test: Should I do SEO myself?

Business owners who want to do an SEO strategy themselves and implement the associated measures should critically question whether they really have the necessary experience and know-how.


SEO is like clockwork: measures interlock, they complement each other or cannibalize each other – so there are many things to consider. Our little 5-Way-Test can help to find out if you should implement the measures yourself or if you should work with an SEO service company like us.


1) What does your own SEO career look like? Have successes already been achieved?
2) How strong is the competition? Can you really implement all measures on your own?
3) How much time can you invest per week for SEO? SEO is not a one-time thing and only leads to success through regular evaluation and adaptation as well as continuity.
4) Are you prepared to risk your website and the future of your business by doing SEO yourself?
5) How much does search engine optimization from an external service provider really cost if you convert the time required?


By answering these questions, you can quickly assess whether working with a professional might make sense after all. Especially with the first two questions, business owners quickly reach their limits.


What can an SEO Expert do that I can’t?

Of course, there are numerous informative portals and professional bloggers in the area of SEO that have tips at hand – but unfortunately, reading does not mean implementing them.


A modern professional SEO service provider not only has the expertise to implement the strategy but also the tools and experience.


– We are right in the middle of the action – current developments, such as changes in the Google algorithm, are detected promptly. Corresponding measures are implemented quickly.
– We work together with copywriters, programmers and other experts in a network in order to have all work carried out professionally.
– We use our time solely for SEO and have a 100% batting average.


There is a need for experts in every field. While your competence rests in your industry and craft, your SEO agency takes care of your visibility on the Internet. Delimitation of the areas of responsibility and a corresponding specialization is crucial for success.


Stick to what you know

If a man can swing a hammer, he is still far from building a house – and just because someone can operate a computer does not mean they can do SEO.

Entrepreneurs and business owners often have the problem of wanting to do everything themselves. Building a house, milking milk from your own cow, making all the furniture yourself and perhaps even producing the electricity yourself. And when do they do their own work? Yes, theoretically everything can be done by yourself, but do you really want that?

SEO is not really a cost issue. It may seem to be, but it’s not, due to the value it generates. Even if you are a local service provider, like a roofer, dentist, or landscaper, the cost of SEO is little compared to the revenue you gain from a top position. However, if you do it yourself you just lose time, because you will never rank with simple methods. And if you mess it up, Google may penalize your website and push you down in the search results or deindex your website altogether.

Don’t save money at the wrong end and invest in proper optimization. SEO is no child’s play and comes without a manual.