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Your Expert Consultant

SEO is a lucrative but complex & technical craft.
Your ideal consultant is one who laser focusses on this craft.
It is someone fully immersed in SEO, aiming to do it to perfection.
Someone who is not distracted by also offering ads or web design.

You can get a clear impression of me from the videos here.
People tell me it made them connect with me and my candor.
My clients see me as their trusted advisor for online visibility.
If I am to become this for you, making a connection matters.

Be a Hero Brand
When someone goes to your website, it needs to engage them and make a connection. There is a social nature to an effective website. I help you to have that efficiency.
Long Term Authority
My team and I develop, test, and perfect ever more modern SEO strategies. By constantly staying on top of changes at Google, I ensure your website remains at the top.
Authority Building
I network your website strategically across the Internet in such a way that both people and Google begin to see your business as an authority in your area.
Advisor With Integrity
In 2000, I was one of the geeks that invented SEO in the first place. What I do is very robust. With me on your side, you never need to worry about SEO again.

A Different Level of SEO

Business owners often contact me, saying they are unhappy with their current SEO company. Oftentimes, they have tried different agencies for years and never reached their goal. Why does this happen?

The knowledge of how to rank in Google is worth millions and you can’t learn it online. Most tutorials out there are wrong or old, which means that SEO is a hidden skillset. Really learning it means you either reverse-engineer how Google works with enormous amounts of testing, or you get in touch with leading experts and pay them large sums to learn their secrets. I do both. My team and I test strategies with hundreds of web properties, and I am part of an elite SEO group that shares its secrets.

This means the methodology I’m going to use on your website is always modern and robust.

  • Social Media Integration
  • Youtube Video Rankings
  • Webspam Security
  • Reputation Management
  • Multiple Traffic Sources
  • Driven by Powerful Values

SEO Marketing Agency Denver

Google Maps Hero

Google Maps is the #1 thing people check when looking for services in their area. My SEO processes include Maps optimization to ensure your Google MyBusiness profile has the best chances to rank in the Maps section at the top of the search results.

Local SEO in Denver

Denver has strong competition on Google. The most successful businesses also tend to be the ones that rank well. I have worked on projects all over the country and overseas that are much harder than ranking you above the competition. Whether you want to rank here, in multiple cities, or nationally, I can help you achieve your goal.

Brand Consulting

I advise you to become a hero brand – a brand that stands for something and naturally earns respect and passion among its customers and prospects. It matters greatly for you to be memorable and not as bland as most business websites are. This makes people want to come back and refer you business, increasing the lifetime value of customers.

Legendary ROI

Organic traffic cames to you for free and in greater number than from ads. If you run ads as a local service, you typically pay $20-100 per click depending on your industry. By ranking in Google, you can get a five figure sum worth of free clicks every month. That is why my clients see an ROI between 10-60 times on what they pay.

Clean & Safe SEO

Bad SEO can get a website penalized by Google. I have never caused that to happen but instead rehabilitated a fair number of websites that used to have a penalty before. Being at the forefront of SEO for over two decades, I do clean and future-proof optimization that is robust and does not cut corners.

Paid Search Advertising

As an online visibility expert, I point more than one traffic source your way but don’t recommend ads in most cases. You don’t need them once you rank. I immerse myself in SEO and don’t let myself be distracted by handling ads as well, allowing me to be at the top of the game. Consultants that offer multiple marketing avenues sacrifice competence in SEO.

Denver SEO Company

SEO Agency vs. Consultant

Here’s the truth: Agencies are generally run by marketers and care only for income. They focus on selling SEO without being able to fulfill it or just outsource it cheaply. So they churn & burn their clients.

Someone who excels at SEO needs no job and thus won’t be found at an agency. This is why big agencies may look competent but fall short when it’s about my craft. The best people in the industry are individuals like myself that you’d never guess are crushing it online from their home office. That is the kind of whiz you want to work with.

I base my work on strong values that supersede profit goals. My clients are all ranking well and tend to stay with me for many years. Incomes takes care of itself.

My priority is to help grow your business, so we can both have a profitable and lasting relationship.

Stop Losing Customers to Your Competition

The way to the top begins here

Your Denver SEO Expert

An Overview of Things to Consider

A Denver SEO Firm That Changes Everything

It is no coincidence the biggest and most successful businesses in any given city also happen to rank at the top of Google. Being visible to everyone that searches for a solution to their problem is the most powerful and influential position you can be in. Around 90% of all people use Google when searching for local services of all kinds. As your Denver SEO expert, I help you to become visible to everyone in your area and also look like an authority. This gut-feeling is human nature and has the power to transform your business into something much better.


By ranking both #1 and in the Google Maps section, you can get 40% of all the search traffic. In the ads above, you just get a few percent, so if you have never been at the top, you don’t know the storm that actually goes on up there. Once you reach a top 3 ranking, the floodgates open and more customers than you can handle are going to hit your website. This means you are going to be in a position to grow your business. Most of my clients in any given city have done so.

Become an Authority in Denver With Colorado SEO

The above is not all that changes with my Denver SEO service. The authority you will have in people’s eyes is the beginning of changing the way you conduct yourself. When customers come your way in such numbers, growing your revenue is effortless and allows you to run a better business in the process. You can become a hero brand, a business that focuses less on profit goals and much more on quality, happy customers, and happy employees. If your employees make a great living and are happy and worry-free, they will do a much better job. You will be in the position to make that happen. Quality is everything.


With all the extra revenue, you can improve all aspects of your business, and it will show. Your ultimate goal is to become the authority, the hero brand that people flock to and recommend to others. Remember, everyone is going to see you in Google Maps and it is essential to have as many positive reviews there as possible. By being the best you can be, your customers will be happy to write positive reviews and send you referrals, increasing your customer base even further. And it all starts with cutting-edge Colorado SEO. I also offer my services anywhere else, like Colorado Springs.

SEO Company for Video & Social Media

Most local businesses communicate badly with their website visitors. They generally use marketing speak, such as “we do the best so-and-so”, or “we are dedicated to the highest quality yadda-yadda”, and such empty phrases that make no connection and mean nothing. Don’t be a faceless, bland looking company like so many others. Sound more social and let your personality shine through! All of this is called “conversion optimization”, one of the aspects I look at very carefully in all of my projects.


If you manage to make a connection to your website visitors, the chances of them calling you or filling out your form are much higher. One of the best ways to achieve this is a video, one that is not too streamlined and feels real and connectable. YouTube belongs to Google and is the second-largest search engine in the world. I have proprietary technology and SEO strategies to rank YouTube videos both on the video platform itself and in Google. Imagine having your video show up in the top 10, pushing one of your competitors to the second page of the search results!


I do similar things with social media and citations like Yelp or the BBB. I’m big on building out a social media sphere and citations in the right way that benefits you the most. Some of these profiles can also show up in Google, and even if they don’t, their purpose is for people to find businesses. By optimizing citations, you are going to get some additional business. For many of my clients, this already covers the monthly cost of the SEO project.

The ROI of Denver Search Engine Optimization

Everybody is monetizing their traffic, usually by selling ads or leads. Organic rankings in Google thanks to SEO are the only traffic source that is reliable, continuous, targeted, and free. The only cost is to get into that position and to maintain it, which is the cost of our SEO project.


Business owners generally underestimate the value of a top position and worry about the cost, especially if they have been working with one of the countless bad agencies out there. If done correctly, SEO is actually the most profitable and lucrative marketing approach for local businesses in general.


For example, let’s consider what the value of SEO is like for a roofer here in Denver. Running ads on Google is between 30 and 50 dollars per click in that industry. Yes, that’s just a click to your website, not a lead or customer. This means if you get 200 clicks through those ads, the cost is up to 5 figures. People search for roofers a few thousand times per month, which means if you rank for all relevant phrases and get your 40% of the traffic, the value of those free clicks is tremendous. DUI lawyers even pay over 100 dollars per click, and accident lawyers are up to around 250 dollars per click. Of course, these are high paying professions and jobs, so it makes sense. However, it also shows what it means to rank. Only a small percentage of people click on the ads, so even if your marketing budget is big, the amount of visitors you can get this way is limited. By ranking #1 and in Google Maps, you get a lot more traffic and can grow your business.

The ROI for my projects is usually between 10 and 60, depending on the business and city.